Welcome to the NEW Religious Education Program at Nativity of Our Lord Church. We are committed to the spiritual growth of your children while challenging your own faith life. We cannot stress how important the parents are in a child's religious formation. You are their greatest influence; now it's time to show them the way to God with your example.

With a new program come fresh ideas and new responsibilities for both parent and child. Our program is now multi-dimensional and has been thoroughly designed to target each individual child depending on their grade/age, while keeping community. These components are not optional and all children and parent must participate.


  • Parents will work closely with the Religious Ed office to teach their child at home. This component is supported by a comprehensive website including curriculum and interactive games.

  • Families must attend Mass on a weekly basis and will be accountable for their attendance.

  • Families must fulfill a monthly obligation and skill sessions as set forth by the religious education office

  • Families must fulfill a service requirement. Opportunities will be provided by the religious education office.

We hope this new format will help all families grow in their faith. We look forward to assisting you and help guide you and your child through a spiritual path that you will follow through life.

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